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Western Language Academy At BaoDing Privince
Contact information:
NO.1: No.209,Lianchi North Street,North Block,Baoding Campus
NO.2: The south gate of NO.9 Apartment ,xiuyuan road,baoding city,hebei provinceCampus
NO.3: Floor 1 ,Xiu Lan Four Seasons CityXu
Shui area: Link Discovered Mansion in the Juli West Road of Xushui
BaodingGaobeidian: the west side of north gate of JinXiuHuaTing , Changsheng West Road
Internet site:www.chinawla.com
WeiChat:Western Culture Center

Curriculum System
Qingnianlu International Kindergarte
American Express
Advantages of WLA
Investment Immigration
Interchange and Passages(7-18 year
World Sense(7-18 years old)
The children POP curriculum of Weste
Learning process